The program of concerts of the XII international Winter arts festival in Sochi

«Where the mountains meet the sea»

Ensemble "Rustavi" (Georgia), Choral ensemble "A Filetta" (Corsica, France)
February 19, 2019
Beginning at 19:00
Winter Theater
Description of the concert

Corsica and Georgia are both mountainous countries. Their thousands year old mountains are singing, and their polyphony has been charming everyone since ancient times. The history of these mountainous areas formed the beliefs of people, their dreams, expressed in continuous singing about love, love to the Homeland, to people, love to these wild lands and respect to the nearest and dearest. Singing is sometimes joyful, praising the vineyards and wine; or filled with melancholy and long moaning, waking the memories of the past. Besides, Georgia and Corsica –these are the sea, which offers happiness and joy.

Hand in hand, in perfect harmony, Filetta and Rustavi give us the most charming definition of “singing”:
“Singing means speaking tenderly about something powerful, and powerfully about something tender”.

In Sochi, where the mountains meet the sea, a unique joint concert of two world-known male choirs will be held at the Winter International Arts Festival.

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