The program of concerts of the XII international Winter arts festival in Sochi

Tournament Of Poets

The V. I. Dal State Museum of History of the Russian Literature
February 20, 2019
Beginning at 17:00
Organ Hall

The Tournament of Poets will be held in Sochi for the second time as part of the major cultural winter event in Russia — the Winter International Arts Festival.

The tournaments of poets in Russia were wide spread last century, in Silver Age. At that time of rage about arts, the tournaments were held in the artistic cafes named Brodachaya Sobachka (Stray Dog) and Priyut Komediantov (The Comedians’ Shelter) in St. Petersburg. Later, in 1920s, they were held in the Polytechnic Museum Hall in Moscow. Fifty year ago, in Soviet thaw times, public performances of poets resumed in the capital of Russia.

These tournaments are held these days too, however now, when both writing and reading audiences are mostly concentrated in the Internet, the live discussions with art masters are hard to attract audience. However, the poetic initiative of the Sochi Festival already bears fruit.

The first Tournament of Poet, held in February 2018, was a success: masters of workshops of the Winter School of Poetry contested for the title of the winner, during breaks between the rounds students of the School presented their poems, accompanied by unique musical compositions, written by young composers specifically for the Tournament.

Participants of the tournament

As last year, among the participants of the Tournament of Poets will be authors of the major literary magazines, laureates of international literary and poetry awards. In 2019, the participants of the Tournament will be:

Maxim Amelin
Anna Arkatova
Yuly Gugolev
Nikolai Zvyagintsev
Inga Kuznetsova
Amarsana Ulzytuev
Marina Boroditskaya
Grigory Kruzhkov

Among participants of the Tournament, there will be young authors who take part in the Winter School of Poetry.

The Tournament promises a lot of bright impressions for both poets and the audience.

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