The program of concerts of the XIII international Winter arts festival in Sochi

The Orient in the Mirror of the Music of the Baroque

Following the Trail of Marco Polo (Sulla Via della seta)
February 21, 2020
Beginning at 19:00
Winter Theatre
Description of the concert

I believe it was God’s will that we should come back, so that men might know the things that are in the world… I have not told half of what I saw… And all who read this book or hear it read, must believe it, as all the things contained in it are true.

This is what the famous explorer Marco Polo wrote over 750 years ago in his Book of Marvels upon returning from his remarkable journey. Having visited Persia, India, China, Armenia, and Georgia, he became the first European to open the riches of the distant and mysterious Orient to the Europeans. And however full of inaccuracies and fantasies the book might be, however strongly skeptical one can be of its stories, the name of Marco Polo has become the symbol of openness to the unknown, wanderlust, and the diversity of the world…

La Magnifica Comunità chamber orchestra was founded in 1990 by the Italian violinist and conductor-authenticator Enrico Casazza. La Magnifica Comunità occupies one of the leading places among orchestras playing period instruments. The Italian musicians perform in Sochi for the first time.

The concert program follows the stages of Marco Polo journey. Fragments of the eighteenth century operas on “exotic” subjects will be performed. If Handel is well familiar to the Russian public as an opera composer, Vivaldi is still mainly perceived as a master of instrumental string music, and the name of Mozart’s and Gluck’s contemporary Adolph Hasse remains little known.
The arias will be performed by Raffaella Milanesi – the famous star of the opera of the Baroque, who performs the seventeenth-eighteenth century music on the world’s biggest opera and festival stages.

Participants and performers

The Orient in the Mirror of the Music of the Baroque
Following the Trail of Marco Polo (Sulla Via della seta)

Prologue. Venice
Domenico Gallo (1730-1768)
Sonata La Follia №12 for two violins, viola, cello, and basso continuo

Georg Friedrich Handel (1685-1759)
Overture and aria from Tamerlano

Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741)
Aria from Bajazet

Adolph Hasse (1699-1783)
Overture and aria from Artaserse

Georg Friedrich Handel
Aria from Alexander

Antonio Vivaldi
Overture and aria from Teuzzone

La Magnifica Comunità chamber orchestra (Italy)
Singer: Raffaella Milanesi (mezzo-soprano)
Narrator: Grigory Siyatvinda
Director: Enrico Casazza

Artists and performers
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