The program of concerts of the XIII international Winter arts festival in Sochi

Choral opera

Tale of Boris and Gleb, Their Brothers Yaroslav the Wise and Svyatopolk the Accursed, the Wicked Robbers, and the Good Russian People
February 17, 2020
Beginning at 19:00
Winter Theatre
Description of the concert

After a long war and the final victory over Svyatopolk, the Grand-Prince of Kiev Yaroslav, who has not yet been given the title of the Wise, for the first time inspects his princedom and meets its peoples, giving them to understand that a new time has begun.

It is no coincidence that he starts his inspection with the city of Vyshgorod – the burial-place of his brothers Boris and Gleb and the stronghold of Svyatopolk.

In the Performance based on the Old Russian chronicles about Boris and Gleb, we use Music and Theatrical scenes of fantasy in order to say that those who are gone support those who have stayed, and that the power of our memory and Love to our ancestors make us stronger, as they protect us from folly and animosity. The unconventional stage solutions by Alexey Tregubov create a world where reality and fantasy Live Side by Side.

Having come to Vyshgorod to take vengeance for his beloved brothers killed by another brother, Yaroslav the Wise encounters powers that stand above courts and executioners. He gets to see the love of his Brothers stretch to him from beyond this life. By embracing this Love, he becomes the Great Prince who is capable of love, rule, and forgiveness.

And then the riots and conflicts will settle, and Peace and Harmony will set in.

Participants and performers

Alexander Tchaikovsky
Choral opera
Tale of Boris and Gleb, Their Brothers Yaroslav the Wise and Svyatopolk the Accursed, the Wicked Robbers, and the Good Russian People

Libretto by Mikhail Durnenkov
Directed by Pavel Safonov
Set design: Alexey Tregubov
Musical director: Yuri Bashmet
Chief choir conductor: Alexander Solovyev
Choreographer: Alisher Khasanov

Alexey Merzlikin as Yaroslav the Wise

Vladimir Magomadov
Oleg Ryabets

Moscow State Conservatory Chamber Choir
Artistic director and chief conductor, Prof. Alexander Solovyev

Municipal Chamber Choir “Nizhny Novgorod”
Artistic director and chief conductor, laureate of all-Russian and international competitions Ivan Stolnikov
Choir conductor: Anna Tinibekova

Tula State Choir
Artistic director: Prof. Alexander Solovyev
Chief conductor: Georgy Avgustinovich
Chief choir conductor: Sergey Sidorenko
Choir conductors: Sergey Vasilyev, Alexey Zaitsev

Folk Choir of the full-time Department of Choral and Solo Folk Singing of the Gnesins Russian Academy of Music
Director: Honored Artist of Russia, Prof. Svetlana Ignatyeva
Choir conductors: Prof. Elena Baikova
Senior Lecturer Svetlana Belova

Alisher Khasanov’s plastic theatre Mime-Orchestra

Novaya Rossya State Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Denis Vlasenko

Participants and performers
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